Our skills include:
  • Languages
    • Ada
    • C++
    • UML
    • Apex
    • VxWorks
    • Coral
    • Java
    • Unix
    • SPARK Ada
  • Methods
    • MASCOT
    • JSD
    • JSP
    • Hatley
    • CORE
    • Yourdon
    • UML
    • CORBA
  • Tools
    • Apex
    • Rose
    • DOORS
    • GNAT
    • HOOD
    • VxWorks
    • XDADA
    • TSADA
    • GNAT
    • Teamwork
Becoms Logo

Real Time Systems

Becoms produces software for High Integrity Safety Critical applications.

Past Projects include,

  • Flight Control Software for Boeing Aircraft
  • Radar for Naval Ships
  • Sonar Processing Systems
  • Traffic Control Systems for Motorway Tunnels
  • Sensor Data Fusion Systems
  • Weapon Aiming Systems for Military Aircraft
  • Boot Controllers for Aircraft Systems
  • Naval Command Systems

Working to ISO9070, Becoms produces high quality software for the most demanding applications where reliability and efficiency are critical.

We have a vast experience of both software engineering and systems design. Our engineers are experienced across the full development lifecycle - design, implementation, Unit Test, Integration, Field Test and Maintenance.

Our engineers can work on assignment on your premises or we can undertake work packages at our premises. Some of the clients we have worked for include BAe Systems, EADS and Mott MacDonald.

We offer a good value, friendly, efficient service which takes advantage of our long experience in this specialised and demanding area of software engineering.

Whatever your requirement - we would be delighted to supply a free no-obligation quotation.

No Job is too small or large

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